Our Process
The lighting design process is comprised of the following:
  • Initial consultation
  • Concept development
  • Lighting concept drawings, see a sample blueprint
  • Design team meetings
  • Lighting design with product specification
  • Dimming control system design
  • Presentation with budget
  • Specifications and installation details
  • Revisions & final design
  • On-site consultations during rough and finish phases
  • Decorative fixture selection
  • Adjustment during move-in

Additional Services:
  • Facility survey and bench marking
  • Lighting energy audits
  • Landscape lighting
  • Small theater lighting
  • Temporary event lighting plans
  • Construction consultation
The products available in both the lighting and controls industries can create wonderful effects throughout your space. Having someone on your design and construction team who is knowledgable in this area is extremely beneficial. Controlling light is a technique lighting designers use not only for aesthetic appeal, but for controlling the costs of light. Automation is imperative for energy conservation. Evelyn has been working on lighting control systems for over 20 years and understands the many facets of automation. Lighting and controls are essential to our green buildings.

A lighting designer will work on your behalf to create safe, efficient and aesthetically pleasing surroundings with ample light to accomplish the task in any given area.

Working in conjunction with you, your architect, builder, electrician and interior designer, your lighting expert will coordinate the lighting from concept into construction. The design aspect includes lighting equipment, placement, and details for the electrical contractor. Control systems present a special facet of the overall package, and are discussed and agreed upon relative to the budget prior to a final selection.

Combining talents within a project team provides not only good ideas, but good communication and efficient management.